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Mista Ivy League

Young OG


Dear reader, once again it’s time to deep dive into another release. The project I’m reviewing is Mista Ivy League’s latest album “Young OG” which clocks in under 27 minutes with 9 tracks. It’s bang for your buck action that is definitely worth your attention.

I’m not entirely familiar with Mista Ivy’s music, however he commands a strong presence on the mic that would make me want to do a deeper look into his works. Songs such as “The Beginning”, “Blacker The Berry”  and “Expectations” are standouts in my opinion with that being said each of the nine songs on this album are very great and don’t wear out their welcome’s like other albums can. It’s clear and concise its music to ride to, it’s music to roll with your homies on a sunny day.

It’s a definite banger that you should check out, if you have spare time.

Cris Sayago

U3 Radio Writer

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