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P.O.L.O by LBZ48 Album Review

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Clocking in under an hour P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Once) by LBZ48 is a

concise and straightforward album. It’s completely all killer and no filler, production is incredibly tight blending smooth jazzy beats with Trap 808s, the rapping by LBZ48 is solid and will have you nodding along as he takes you along the high-life of beautiful women, successes and being an absolute player of the highest degree.

Standout songs on this project include the album’s title track, The Fat Black Mac,

All I Need, Too Long, Double Up, & On Point. Each song on the album is strong and make sure not to overstay their welcome, after separate replays I found myself enjoying the album after each listen. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS!!!

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