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Rob Redeemed

Life Through His Eyes


When it comes to Music, and the kind of Genre one may think we are, or what one may think they are.. I have said before there is a difference between Rap and Hip Hop.. And we all have our different opinions on music, especially the type of genre these artists rap about or sing about.. Well as the season changes, sometimes our mind set of music changes as well.. Sometimes it is not all about who or what we listen too, or what type of music we listen too.. Everyone is different and has views on what or who they listen too.. But I can put out there, that some of us over look the Christian Artists in the world today. Some will turn away, while others will tune in and want to hear more.. But when it comes to Religion, it is important to many, and not to others.. As a Christian and Proud of it, I will never put down anybody's Religion, cause we all have different views on what we believe.. Nor will I never put down anyone's else's music.. I always say "Only God Can Judge Me, as for the rest of you, and for those of you reading this I am on a MISSION.. A mission from God to clearly bring you another artist, with different intentions, different views, but still on my grind about Music...


When it comes this next artist Rob Redeemed, the next Christian Rapper to take my heart and make me want to know more about our Father in Heaven is by far one of the next biggest Christian Rappers to take the mic in this review.. Those of you that are not into Christian Rap or do not care, then stop reading NOW!! Or continue to read, cause I only write or speak about the best music that I can bring you.. I will never guide one to music that is not worth listening too, instead I don't judge, and let everyone have different opinions and views.. I do have a question for all of those reading this, Where do you see your life? Another question How do you see life? As for Rob Redeemed he sees Life Through His Eyes, and I cannot agree more with that.. As his album is called Life Through My Eyes, this artist has different parts on this album.. First is Testimony and the other is Praise and Celebration on what God has done FOR HIM, what he has DONE FOR YOU, and lastly WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR US!!!!!


Rob Redeemed is an artist out of Saint Louis, Missouri.. In May of 2012, "Redeemed Obedient Believer" came on the scene as a debut project.. This is an album about redemption.. Meanwhile Rob has performed at numerous venues all over the nation, and has also been on some countless songs as a featured artist.. He has dropped singles such as I'm In Love, Walk It Like I Talk It, and No Dayz off.. Rob Redeemed has teamed up with artist Saved, and also his brother and good friend in Christ to bring YOU Redeemed By The Blood Saved By Grace, the Mix tape in 2014.. On November 6, 2015 Rob Redeemed dropped another album, well I should say his second album, Life Through My Eyes, which he says "will take you on a journey that talks about the Church, The World, and his own walk as a Christian.." Rob's main goal and vision for this new upcoming album is too show people and his fans just how good God has been.. His album deals with some issues that he sees happening in the World and the Church as a whole... As many artists they all have a purpose, but everyone's is different.. As artists we all have our own opinion and can rap through a mic.. As for Rob his purpose for doing music is to impact lives, not just for the crowd to be bobbing their heads.. Rob wants people/fans to feel where he is coming from.. His lyrics, his rap, he pours out from his heart on his tracks.. Rob Redeemed says"If one person turns from the wrong path and repents, then in my eyes it's a successful album.." Rob is about impacting lives, through his sound, passion and delivery is how he connects with his audience and through his fans!!


Rob feels that what sets him apart from other artists is that he has No Problem putting himself out there so that the next man or woman can or will learn from his mistakes, and not make the same mistakes he has made.. When it comes to favorite quotes, I am sure many of us have them or have one favorite to live by.. When it comes to Rob Redeemed, he quotes "I walk it like I talk it, I spit it how I live it.." This is the quote he stands on. It is not a game for him, it is a lifestyle.. No one will ever be perfect, as for Rob he is progressing like the rest of us.. As he continues to praise God for his Glory and all that God has done... Rob will not only continue to Praise the Lord, but will continue to spread the word of God through his music to impact as many lives as he can!! Rob Redeemed does not have time to hold cards, he puts it all on the line for his fans, people, and listeners to connect with him.. Rob has performed and ministered at many venues all over the nation.. All Rob Redeemed wants is to let us know what he stands for: Glorify the Lord through his Life and Music and tell the World about Jesus Christ...


Now let's pick it up a little bit and talk about some of Rob Redeemed Music, which is off the chain for all you listen to it or for those who have heard it.. It wouldn't hurt if some new comers came aboard the Rob Redeemed Music Chain.... Let's take a minute to talk about the album cover, which is all Red.. Some of y’all may know what the red means in the Christian World, and some may be Christians and Not Know.. But either way you look at it, or whichever way your mind looks at.. At first one may have a different view or opinion about the album cover.. The meaning of the Album cover is the Red Words that Represent the Distractions in this World and We Know That Jesus is Always Present.. Many of us are already focused on Jesus, and many of us are not.. But when we focus on Jesus it is the distractions that can become a blur.. Having Jesus on the album cover which is spelled out by many names in the Bible.. So when one becomes focused and see the names, we can concentrate on the Name of Jesus the distractions are no longer VISIBLE.. The back cover is a cool digital drawing of Rob Redeemed himself, not just a pic that was taken.. Instead it is Rob just being different from the norm.. The word says If I be lifted up I will draw all men.. Get it, well some may and some may not.. And that is all okay, cause that was Rob intentions when the Lord placed the album cover on his heart.. Rob is not worried about sales, but he is truly wants to make an impact on someone's life.. And that is Real to Him...


To those who want to enjoy songs from this album Life Through My Eyes, there is a total of 14 tracks.. Songs include Take Off, Reality, New Beginnings, and Say What You Wanna Say.. As I sit here and listen to this album as I always do when I write a review... I am already being Strong in my Faith, it makes me want to pull myself closer the to Lord, then I already am.. I enjoy listening to this album and really can't say if I have a favorite or not, cause they all took my heart.. But songs like Say What You Wanna Say Rob takes the mic and says "I see them smiling, but stabbing when talking behind my back, He's a hypocrite, a lie he ain't really that, adultery, pride, and anger lead to his divorce." A powerful song like this I can relate to cause it was done to me with an ex person.. I soon realized that with God I don't have to any more.. But as the song goes on Rob raps about how the devil can get the best of us.. BUT Jesus can become your lawyer, your everything if one allows Jesus into your life as your personal savior.. NOW as always I can't give you all the details and all the songs but can assure that YOU won't be let down with this album.. It is truly an amazing album and and an amazing Artist which goes into my top 10...


As for me, I will never overlook any artist and will always try and do my best to bring you the best music, from only the best artists, whether it be Christian Rap, Indie, Hip Hop, Gospel, it is all Music to us, and we have the right to choose what we want to hear, but at the same time one will truly understand the real meaning behind every song, every artist that we listen too.. But for this Artist there is truly a message behind every song, and that is Put God Before Anyone, he is Lord, Our Savior, and through him the only way to get to Heaven...


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Jenn Nala Ruth

U3 Radio Writer

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