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Xa Da God



Once again it’s time for another album review, the project we’ll be taking a look at is Xa Da God’s album “Insensitive” released this year. A sleek and smooth project that’s bound to make you both get your freak on and chill out to!


Xa opens the album with “Low” telling listeners that in order to feel what he’s saying on this album the listener must be insensitive, when I first started this album I had no idea what I was getting into and found myself pleasantly surprised/impressed by the singing/rapping of Xa Da God. Songs such as “Clutch”, “Escape” and “Smile” show his versatility as an artist. The only guest on here Kurt Lie93 has a great back and forth with Xa and you can tell both artists are having a great time recording!


The skits on this album are both equally fun and provide perfect segues into the following songs and don’t overstay their welcome.


The production on this album is top notch perfectly suiting Xa Da God’s style as an emcee, the best way the production can be described is a mix of Lo-Fi and Contemporary R&B and an indescribable groovy far-out spacial astral type of production that had me bobbing my head throughout my multiple listens.


In conclusion, I cannot recommend this album enough. It’s a neat and cohesive project that’s just plain fun having something for everyone!


Cris Sayago

U3 Radio Writer

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