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Space Age Mackin

space age mackin by Slim Biggie The Mack is an album for those that

want a good time, kick back and appreciate the good vibes, released on March

7th of this year it’s a fairly new project worth the time and consideration.

The album combines the old school smooth and elegant player like vibes

with modern hip hop energies. Slim is a dope and unique emcee that holds your

attention throughout the album’s 13 song just-nearing-an-hour runtime; the beats

are ice cold and compliment Slim excellently, Slim particularly shows out on

evolution, space age, run it up and to the limit.

On the player end of the music are tracks like BMF, Nothing To a Boss,

Playa Shit Only. The album is a solidly done wonderfully well produced banger of

a project that cannot be recommended enough, give it a shot and let yourself go

far beyond the cosmos with Slim Biggie.

Highlights: Evolution, Space Age (featuring PCDAKYD), Playa Shit Only,

To the Limit, Nothing To a Boss, To the Limit

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