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WOW V5 (Wreckin On Wednesday’s Volume 5) is a family affair and team

effort. Released on November 24th, 2023 the compilation clocks in at 45 minutes and 38 seconds and 15 tracks. It’s a killer effort that straight from the gate has no weak spots or wasted features throughout having not heard the previous compilations I found myself digging it from start to finish.

The emcee’s found all throughout the project are no slouches mainly using a lot

of basketball metaphors throughout the compilation, the production has very trappy bouncy 808 beats that’ll knock the glass out of windows of cars and keep bodies on the dance floor, some of my personal favorites on this project include Lone Star Bandits featuring R-Kives, Closed Captions featuring Nawf, Prince Of Persia featuring 2five Da Raptor, No Fly Zone featuring Highstrung. Overall its two thumbs up for me, its very easy to see that this project is a labor of love and truly a tight and familial feeling release the love and chemistry is there and it’s worth you dear reader of checking out.

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